About US



  • The Gregorian Public School was founded in the year 1998 by HG Bishop Joseph Mor Gregorios, who is also the Managing Trustee of St. Gregorios Charitable Trust that runs the school. The institution is built upon its mission of inspiring and nurturing the highest and noblest ideals of life through an education that is visionary and value oriented.
  • Non-sectarian in its outlook, the Gregorian Public School aims at the total development of its student community and envisions a society committed towards excellence in all walks of life. Creativity is fostered at the Gregorian through the disciplining of a perfected mind. The school follows the co-educational stream of education and has adopted English as the medium of instruction.
  • The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. It is equipped with all amenities and infrastructure that make possible an education that caters to the modern times. The Gregorian is blessed with a dedicated and resourceful team of teachers whose skills and talents ensure the overall development of the students.

Some Unique Features

  • Teaching with audio-visual teaching aids
  • Computer aided teaching
  • Sophisticated Computer lab
  • Well-equipped Science lab
  • English language lab
  • Well-stocked library with Oxford Reading Tree Programme
  • Career guidance workshops
  • Parent interactive sessions
  • Training in public speaking
  • Tie-up with Drexel University for undergraduate courses

Our Vision


    Our Patron Saint
      St.Gregorios of Parumala
  • The Gregorian vision and philosophy is derived from the sublime principles of life practiced and exalted by the spiritual luminary St. Gregorios. The patron saint was a true servant of God whose vision of a humble life became the founding mission of his exalted life as well.
  • St. Gregorios was deeply convinced that the future belongs to those who hold aloft the torch of wisdom in this dark world. He believed that education was the means of transmitting knowledge and wisdom from generation to generation. Education is the only powerful instrument to fight against social evils.
  • The glory of knowledge is rooted in the glory of God. Education is a driving force to dispel darkness; it enlightens our minds. The St. Gregorios Charitable Trust is committed to the supreme philosophy of education initiated by the patron saint.

Our MIssion


  • Gregorian Public School believes in incorporating Indian Values with International ethos in all its students. Our Mission is to develop self disciplined and socially responsible young citizens with a secular outlook, through day to day activities of the school. The school will ensure that its students are equipped to lead a harmonious life in peaceful coexistence with their peers.



  • The school is run by the St. Gregorios Charitable Trust, headed by a dedicated team aiming at evolving a new concept in community service by adding a new dimension to commitment in social, religious, cultural and educational activities, evoking a positive response to a new heritage. Bishop Joseph Mor Gregorios is the founder, Managing Trustee of the Trust and Managing Director of the School.
    Our Mentor
    Bishop Joseph Mor Gregorios
    Managing Trustee of the Trust
    Rev.Fr.Baby Chamakala Cor Episcopa
    St. Gregorios Charitable Trust & Gregorian Public School
    Rev.Fr. Emmanuel Abraham
    Our Bursar

    Administrative Team

    Mrs. Jayaprabha Pradeep
    Vice Principal
    Vice Principal (Academics)
    Mr.Vinumoan K. Mathew
    Mr. M. K. George



    The school boasts of a vibrant, dedicated and talented faculty equipped to deal with each and every aspect of a creative educational process. They are chosen through a tough selection process by a panel of experts.

    Each faculty member of Gregorian Public School is both a teacher and a scholar, an expert in his or her own field. The faculty of Gregorian Public School consists of 65 highly qualified teachers, who have extensive teaching experience in their respective fields. They also imbibe the Gregorian culture and ethos, which is the thread that binds the entire GPS Society which includes both teaching and non-teaching staff.

    This academic community not only imparts education through regular periods in a classroom, but also engages students in a variety of ways during the various activities of the school. They have active membership along with students in various committees, editorial boards, clubs, school houses and supervise individual or group research projects. The opportunities for formal and informal realtionships with the GPS faculty are plentiful and rewarding, resulting in life long friendships as well as professional mentorship that shape students lives and careers.